Sunday, March 22, 2009

Centralia Coal Mine Disaster

This week marks the 62nd anniversary of the Centralia Coal Mine Disaster, in which 111 miners, including my grandfather Anton Skrobul, were killed.


debby said...

Hi Kathy,
My name is Debby Devore and my grandfather, Charles Oestreich was also in the mine that day and died. I was online trying to find out where and when the observance was on Wed. when I found your site. Are you going and do you know the details? Thanks for any help you can give me and I'll keep looking! Debby

Kathy Brady-Blake said...

Hi Debby. There is a memorial dedication ceremony this week in Wamac, IL at 3:00 pm. The details are available through this website:
I won't be attending. I live in the Chicago area. If you will be attending, you might also stop and see the memorial statue in Beckemeyer. A photo and map to the statue are located at this site:
I've been told that the statue was done in the image of Joseph Koch Sr., a miner who died in the disaster.