Friday, May 1, 2009

Deposition of John Martin

Deposition B
Case of Mary J. Whalin, No. 773265

On this 19th day of May, 1903, at Chicago, county of Cook, State of Illinois, before me, J. H. Stibbs, a special examiner of the Bureau of Pensions, personally appeared John Martin, who, being by me first duly sworn to answer truly all interrogatories propounded to him during this special examination of aforesaid claim for pension, deposes and says: I am 53 years of age, am a packer in Hardware Store, reside at 22 Locust St Chicago Ill.

I am a brother of this claimant. I came to this country in 1872.

I knew positively that my sister was not married before she left Ireland and, from what I learned of the history of her husband Patrick Whalin, after coming here, I am entirely satisfied that neither of them was married prior to their [?] marriage to each other. I know that after I came here in 1872, they lived together as man & wife until he Died, never were divorced or legally separated, & she has not remarried since his death.

She has been very poor since his death & has had no means or property of any kind & no income except from her own labor. She earns $1.00 a day as a scrub woman. The place where she lives belongs to her crippled son, and she not only cares for him, but has her old mother to support.

I am not [?] interested in this claim. The above has been read to me & is correct.

John Martin
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