Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fannie Lynch Deposition 2

Here is another deposition in the Civil War pension case of Patrick Whelan. This one provides much of the same information as previous ones did.

In the matter of Mary J. Whalin wid. of Patrick Whalin “G” 90 Ill Inft for Pension
Personally came before me, a Notary Public in and for aforesaid County and State Fannie E. Lynch (Names of Witnesses, two or more.) who, being duly sworn, declares each in relation to aforesaid case, as follows: I am a cousin of above named claimant and have known her since the early part of 1867 and know she was never married prior to her marriage to above named Patrick Whalin and I was present and saw them married and remember it distinctly and know she was never previously married and I have known above named Patrick Whalin all my life and know he was never previously married and know they always lived together as husband & wife from the date of their marriage until the date of his death, and were so reputed in the community in which they resided and were never divorced from each other and she has not remarried since his death. He left only one child surviving him under 16 years of age namely Burton A. Whalin and know he was born May 22, 1890 and that both of his feet have been lost In an accident and he is still living and under the care and maintainance of above named claimant. Said Patrick Whalin did not leave any life insurance or any property of any kind or description except their household furniture which does not exceed the value of $50.00 said claimant does not own any property of any kind or description except as above mentioned and has not since the death of her husband & has no income or pecuniary interest of any kind except her own daily labor and has not since the death of her husband. This deponent has made efforts to ? a public or church record of claimants marriage to soldier, but has been informed that both the public and church records of said marriage were burned in the Chicago Fire.
Fannie E. Lynch