Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My 100th Post

I began my blog on October 6th, 2008. Here I am, just over 5 months later, writing my 100th post. So, here's a look back, and then a look ahead at what's to come.

Blogging has been a great experience! Some of the good points of blogging: It has gotten me to write about some of my ancestors that I had never written about before. Blogging has helped me start to organize my genealogy research and the family photos I've received from my mom and my Aunt Rita. I've discovered that I had duplicates of some of the old photos, sometimes in assorted sizes. And sometimes with different information written on the back of the different copies.

Blogging helped me begin to solve one of my brickwall problems that I've had since I started researching my family history over 30 years ago.

I've met some neat people who are fellow genealogy bloggers. Some I've only met online, and others I've met in person.

I've connected to other researchers who are interested in the same surnames I'm researching. I've gotten help from people who have read my blog, and I've been able to help some of my readers too.

Blogging is great fun. I wish I had more time to spend on it. There are topics I've planned to blog about that I haven't gotten around to yet. And I have many more photos to post--I haven't even started on the ones we got from my husband's Grandma Betty.

Looking ahead, this month is my Mainly Irish Month. I'll be posting photos and other items related to my Irish ancestors, Irish research and other things Irish. I'll also be devoting a week to my Lithuanian ancestors who worked in coal mines in Illinois and elsewhere.

For the remainder of the year, I will be posting more Civil War documents related to my ancestors. I will post information from some probate and land records of my Chicago Whelans. I have documents and photos to post about my Lithuanian ancestors. I'll continue to participate in various Blog Carnivals, and post new discoveries.

The blog is hungry! I must keep feeding the blog!

Mom and Her Siblings

My mom, Ann Skrobul, was one of 8 children. And from what I saw of them, they all got along well. I know my mom loved them all, and felt loved by them. The photo above shows my mom goofing around with her 2 brothers, Stan and Putt (aka Tony).

I have alot of photos of my mom with 1 or more of her siblings. In the photo below are Stella and my mom standing, with their oldest sister Josephine seated. The photo was taken in April, 1957. My mom is standing behind Aunt Jo because she was a little bit pregnant at the time.

The next picture shows Veronica, Ann and Jule Skrobul standing in front of the family home in Beckemeyer, Illinois.

Here is one more photo of my mom and some of her siblings. From left to right, Stella, Veronica and Ann are shown spending a quiet evening together knitting.

I only have one photo of my mom with her siblings when they were children. It is a picture of the 5 sisters that I have posted here. I have no picures of the sixth sister, Maria, who died as an infant.

My mom was very lucky to have grown up with so many great brothers and sisters, and to have stayed close to them as adults.

To see more photos and comments about brothers and sisters, look at the 11th edition of Smile For the Camera, posted by the footnoteMaven.