Monday, February 2, 2009

The McSorleys of Newark, NJ

I am related to the McSorleys who lived in Newark, NJ. (Well, maybe not all the McSorleys, but at least some of them.) My McSorley relatives lived in Newark in the 1830s and 1840s. My ancestor, Ellen (aka Helen) McSorley married Timothy Bestick at St. John's Church in 1833. Here are some other records from St. John's that include McSorleys. These were extracted from FHL microfilm no. 1398540.

25 Feb 1838 Mary Ann Bestick dau of Timothy Bestick and Ellen McSoley, sponsors Francis Bestick and Mary Wall

24 Feb 1838 James Francis Murphy son of Francis D. Murphy and Mary McSoley, sponsors Rev. Roderick Ryder and Bridget Fallen

16 Apr 1838 Julia Fogarty dau of John Fogarty and Isabella Brown, sponsors Bernard Kearney and Rosanna McSaley

16 Dec 1838 Catharine Bergen dau of Edward Bergen and Ann Smyth, sponsors James Delany and Catharine McSoley

25 Apr 1841 Catharine Cox dau of Patrick G. Cox and Rosanna McSorley, sponsors John H. Kernan and Catharine McSorley

19 July 1841 Eleanor McSorley dau of John McSorley and Rebecca Mackey, sponsors Patrick G. Cox and Rosanna McSorley

5 Sept 1841 James Robert Bestick son of Timothy Bestick and Helen McSorley, sponsors James Dooner and Rosanna McSorley

27 Oct 1841 Teresa Murphy dau of Francis D. Murphy and Mary McSorley, sponsors Daniel G. Durning and Anne Ward

18 Apr 1844 William Carolin and Catherine McSorley, witnesses Patrick Carolin and Margaret Kearny

The families of Catherine, Ellen, John and Rosanna McSorley are all connected as baptism sponsors to each others' children. However, the family of Mary McSorley and her husband Francis D. Murphy were not connected to the other McSorleys by church records during this time period. I hope to discover the place of origin for my McSorleys. I also hope to discover if Mary or any other McSorleys in the U.S. were related to mine.