Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Frances Whelan, 1874-1960

This is a copy of an obituary that has been handed down in my family. It is for Sister Delphine, previously known as Frances Whelan. She was the daughter of Timothy Whelan and Catherine Markey, and was my dad's favorite aunt.

Frances was born 20 October 1874, and was baptized at Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago, on 1 November 1874. Her godfather was James Whelan. His relationship to the family is not known, but I hope to find that out someday.

According to the 1902 Chicago city directory, Frances was a teacher who lived at 1140 Jackson. I've been told that she delayed joining the convent in order to help her widowed mother.

Information from the Sinsinawa Dominican's archives indicates that Frances taught Latin. She also served as a superior of a convent on two occasions. The archives also provided a copy of Frances' grades from her days as a student at Saint Clara Academy. Her lowest grade was a 75 in Bookkeeping, and her highest was a 96 in Latin 2.

I don't remember Sister Delphine, who died when I was very young. I have heard from family members that she was alot of fun. Once her relatives, including Tim Furey, were visiting and Tim asked what he could bring her besides stationery. She told him beer would be good. He had some delivered from the Pabst brewery.

Here is a photo of Sister Delphine labeled "Sr Delphine Summer 1949 Oak Park."