Monday, March 2, 2009

Deming Place Then and Now

The photo above is dated December 1944. On the back, it is labeled "We lived here Ann, Estelle & Stella" in the handwriting of my mom, Ann Skrobul.

This photo is labeled "1981, 632 Deming Pl. previous residence of Ann Skrobul Brady" in my handwriting. It looks like I found the correct building when I went looking for it in 1981. I just loved the look of these old stone houses.

Recently, I looked for this address on the Cook County Assessor's website, and I found this image labeled 2006:

This didn't look like a good development for the old house. I hoped it was just a major remodeling and not a tear down. I decided to look on Google Earth and see if it showed a more recent image. Google Earth showed this image:

The house appears to be still standing and seems to be looking better again. But now I want to satisfy my curiosity. I'll just have to drive by and see the house in person on my next trip to the north side of Chicago. And I'll probably take a few pictures of the building while I'm there, to add to my collection.