Saturday, February 7, 2009

Florence Yedinak in Miles City

I love this picture of my mom's friend Florence. I look at it and think that somewhere there is a relative of Florence who has looked at her copy of this photo and wondered "Miles City? Where is that? Do we have relatives there?" Well, I can answer her questions: Miles City is in Montana. You probably don't have relatives there, but I do.

My mom had cousins in Miles City, Montana, and she visited there when she was a young woman. I also visited Montana in 1975. I remember there being alot of open country as I drove with my cousins to the family's ranch. For me who grew up in Chicago, I looked around and wondered why it was called Miles City. It looked like the opposite of a city to me. I had a great time on that visit--I rode a horse for the first time, flew in a small private plane, visited the family ranch, and met more cousins and my great aunt Stella. I'm sure Florence and my mom enjoyed their visit too.


Harold said...

Miles City? I can't believe you mentioned Miles City! My wife has some cousins there (at about the great-grandparent level) including a shepherd born in the Falkland Islands who married in. The census takers really didn't know how to fit that in their little boxes!


Kathy Brady-Blake said...

Hi Harold. That's a great story. My great aunt Stella was from Lithuania. It's amazing how far some people came to arrive in Miles City.