Monday, November 17, 2008

My Lithuanian Surnames

Here is a list of the Lithuanian surnames found in my family tree, and the villages those names were associated with.

Liaudginai village: Blinstrutas, Bukavicius, Goleniauskas, Blinstrutas
Bukavicius, Goleniauskas, Golniauskas, Kielsiauskas, Slabasevicius, Golniauskas, Kielsiauskas, Slabasevicius

Sutkai village: Caplinskas, Fliadrzinskis, Jakutis, Jankauskas, Laucevicius, Monkevicius, Muzauskas, Sliapovicius

Uznugariai village: Kaminskis, Kelciauskas, Kelciouskes, Monkevicius, Vaisvila, Zubavicius

If you find one of your surnames on my list, please contact me. I'd be happy to share information with you.


Anonymous said...

My name is Giedrius Monkevicius, contact me. I'm also making a geneology tree :] prieangis[at]

TtRrL said...

Hello my name is Anthony Laucevicius. Please contact me at
I would love to learn more about my familys history, I've tried searching with out success.
Thank you

Julius said...

Hello, I'm probably a distant cousin from Anthony... My name is Julius Laucevicius and I've also tried several time to get more info about my family
If you could send me the info that you have I'd appreciatte a lot!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I hope u can read it!
My surname is Zubavicius! write me: bia_zubavicius at

we can share more informations...


Anonymous said...

Jankauskas...Can you tell me the variations of this name of yours? I have been looking in Hungarian locales for my Anna "JONKESZ" with absolutely no luck. Thank you...
fastdrivingirl at yahoo dot com

qtzlady said...

Hi, I have recently started to try to research my family tree and I noticed that you had Bukavicius on your list. My Mom's maiden name was Bukas and nobody in the family seems to know how the longer form was spelled. All they can tell me is that it was something that sounds like Bukavaskas. I have found 3 censuses that list them, their ship passenger manifest & my Great grandfather's Naturalization papers & every one of them has a different spelling. So I am wondering if maybe it might be Bukavicius. Cheers, Joan

June Aleknavicius said...

I am researching my mother in law's family. She was born in Liaudginai in 1927 - her name Marija Dicmanaite and her mother's name Auguste. Her father was Martinas Dicmonas. Does anybody have any links to this family. My email is Thank you.

pennylou17 said...

My grandmother's parents were born in Lithuania. My great grandmother came to America in 1906, with my grandmother(about 3 yrs. old) and my aunt(a babe in arms). My grandmother said that her parents never spoke much about their life back in Lithuania.Vague mention about where the trio came into the US. It was suggested that they may have come by way of Baltimore? The last name was Americanized to Yocas. My great grandfather, Ludwig, was born in "Telszea" and great grandmother, Amelia, was born on May 12, 1879. Her maiden name was "Kerzuiskus". An uncle had gone to Lituania, but found that any records were destroyed in the war...WW1, I guess. Does any of this sound viable or familiar??