Sunday, October 12, 2008

Aggie Donahue

This picture is a tintype of Aggie Donahue. I received it from my aunt, in a photo envelope from the 1970s. The envelope is labeled "Aggie Donahue back pocket--Ma's friend." "Ma" was Jennie (Whelan) Brady of Chicago. I believe I have found Aggie Donahue in the 1880 census. She was most likely Agnes, age 4, daughter of Daniel Donnahue. Daniel, his wife Mary,and seven children lived at 161 Chestnut St. in Chicago, across the street from Tim Whelan's family, which included his 3 year old daughter Jane (aka Jennie.)


Orange and Blue said...

I wonder what the "back pocket" meant? Any idea?

Kathy Brady-Blake said...

Hi Orange and Blue!

The photo was in an envelope like you used to get photographs and negatives in when you had them developed. So the tintype of Aggie was in the pocket where the photos would be, and in the front pocket where the negatives would be was a "tintype of Ma (first pocket)". The envelope was copyright 1973, so it wasn't the original packaging for the tintypes.